Wikifunctions is an international and thus multilingual project. While English is the default interface language, the project is intended to be used by, and useful for, users of every language with MediaWiki internationalization support.

General principles

Wikifunctions software is fully localized like all Wikimedia projects. Users can set their preferred language via the Preferences menu or the Universal Language Selector by clicking on the following icon found at the top of any page:  

Policies and guidelines should be written in English first and then translated to other languages. The English version of the policy or guideline is the authoritative version on which other language versions should be based. Translations can be made with the Translate extension. Documentation for the Translate extension is also available. You can also leave a message at the Translators' noticeboard if you have questions or requests.

Site content

See the Glossary for some helpful notes.

Object pages

These are the Objects where translating the label and the key labels is most helpful:

Other Objects by Type...

Project pages

These project pages are ready for translation:

Video subtitles

Translating the software

You can help translate the software interface on the site This site is not connected to Wikimedia directly, and you will need to create a new user-account. Please see their MediaWiki translation portal for advice on getting started there.

Wikidata lexemes

You can work on lexicographic knowledge in Wikidata. This will be needed for Abstract Wikipedia to succeed, and can be worked on right now.