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Wikifunctions:User scripts

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User scripts are programs written in JavaScript to facilitate the editing of Wikifunctions. User scripts enable user accounts to do things they otherwise couldn't do as easily. Many user scripts are available, ready for you to install. Also, you can write a new user script, either by modifying an existing script or by starting from scratch.

A word about security

User scripts have unlimited access to your account by their very nature – unlike OAuth/bot password based applications such as Huggle, where you can control access levels, the script runs in your browser. Anything you can do on Wikifunctions, it can do.

As such, and this is especially pertinent to users with advanced permissions, make sure that you trust the user who wrote the script. You will be held responsible for any actions it takes on your behalf. If you are "importing" a script (instead of copying the code itself) be warned that the user you are importing from could alter their script at any time. Only import from users you trust.

List of user scripts