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Wikifunctions:Type proposals

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This page is to discuss and decide on proposals for new Types.

Before proposing, you should familiarize yourself with the Function model.

Types are currently being created by Wikifunctions staff. Over time these rights will be handed over to the community.



Being prepared

Something to think about

(No doubt we shall want non-SI units as well, or simply units, but SI units should have their own Type.)


Wikidata integration

(These are just the types we will need that are not listed somewhere else)

  • Statement rank
  • Wikidata qualifier
  • Wikidata reference
  • Wikidata Data type
  • Wikidata sitelink
  • No value
  • Unknown value
  • Entity schema

"Heavy" data

Heavy data is those that can be more than 1.5MB (where medium data are between 60KB and 1.5MB). This includes most real-world files (jpg, mp3, pdf, zip, exe) and raw forms of data containing in such files (e.g. 1024*768 RGB image has 2359296 bytes in raw form). Wikifunctions currently have limited support for medium data and little support for heavy data (and neither support file uploading for computation). See Wikifunctions:Type_proposals/bytes#Uses for more information.

  • Image (raster): basically, a 2D or 3D array of number (though we do need a type to represent both the array and image mode)
  • Audio and signal: basically, one number (sampling rate) and one or more (1D) arrays of number, one per channel (though we do need a type to represent all of them)
  • Video: audio plus series of image

Unclear necessity / probably unnecessary

  • Multidimensional array: can be represented as list of lists, but a dedicated edit interface would be nice (and way to enforce an array not to be jagged)
  • Typed tuple: can be represented as nested Typed pair (Z882)
  • Set: use list instead
  • Multiset: use list instead
  • Multimap: use list of Typed pair (Z882) instead (see also simple map Typed Map (Z883))

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