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User:WikiLambda system

From Wikifunctions

This account is part of the MediaWiki software, and is not owned by any user. It performs automatic tasks based on instructions from the MediaWiki software itself. It is an automated account that is a key part of the WikiLambda extension.

What this account does
  • Adds initial pre-defined content to the wiki.
  • Re-orders approved implementations to put the fastest one first.
    This functionality allows Wikifunctions to provide fast execution times for users, while also optimizing the use of its computing resources. Whenever the tests for a given function are run, the currently approved implementations are sorted by increasing runtime, and the system account stores the resulting implementation list as the value of the function's Z8K4 / implementations property. Later, when another run of the function is requested, the first implementation of the list will be selected to handle the request.

Administrators: if this account is malfunctioning please notify the development team.