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If you need to know about me, see my Wikidata/Commons/en-wiki userpages. If you like puzzles, this is my character: 򙃹.

Functions of special interest

Using Wikifunctions to check Wikidata

This seems like a possible early application of Wikidata. Some examples:

Possible systems:

  • A gadget that runs the Wikifunction when you are on the Wikidata item, and puts a tick or cross next to the value, depending on whether the format/value matches the expectation
  • A mass analysis system where a whole sparql-query worth of items are checked against the WF values (built into the WDQS?). The Formcheck tool below seems to do this for Lexemes.

Not currently working

Useful tools

See also: Wikifunctions:Projects_using_Wikifunctions